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Mesotherapy procedures for the body are among the most popular. Hardware cosmetology, massage, body wraps are not always able to solve the problem of correction of localized fat deposits in full. Especially if we are talking about areas that are difficult to correct, such as the inner part of the thigh, the inner surface of the hands. The fact is that the muscles here are minimally involved in the movement process, and in gyms a certain set of exercises in this area is often not effective. In such cases, the only guaranteed result is a set of procedures for injecting mesotherapy with lipolytic cocktails.

Vitacomplex vascular preparation Consists of 56 components: vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B12, amino acids, oligoelements, venotonics, angioprotectors, antioxidants. cyclodextrin, 4% manitol, taurine, theophylline, buflomedil.

Indications: Vitamin vascular complex for revitalization and regeneration of all skin types. Suitable as a startup for more intensive anti-age procedures

Product form: 5 ml Bottle.

Consumption for 1 procedure is 2.5 to 5 ml.

Direct lipolytic Phosphatidylcholine

Composition: Phosphatidylcholine 5% sodium Deoxycholate 2.5 %.

Indications: Direct lipolytic for correction of fat deposits. Sodium deoxycholate destroys the fat cell envelope. Phosphatidylcholine emulsifies fats and recycles them.

Product form: 5 ml/20 ml Bottle.

Consumption for 1 procedure is not more than 5 ml per zone.

Indirect metabolite Aminocomplex

Ingredients: L-arginine, L-carnitine, L-glutamine, L-methionine.

Indications: Indirect lipolytic for correction of fat deposits. Promotes optimal fat burning and energy release.

Product form: 5 ml Bottle.

Consumption for 1 procedure is 2.5-5 ml.

Indirect lipolytic MesoSlim

Ingredients: twin-U-cyclodextrin, 4% manitol, taurine, theophylline, buflomedil.

Indications: Indirect lipolytic for liposculpture of the face and body. Eliminates fat deposits in areas that are difficult to correct: the inner side of the thigh, abdomen, knees, chin, nasolabial folds, lower eyelid hernias.

Product form: 5 ml Bottle.

Consumption for 1 procedure is 2.5-5 ml.

Course of procedure:

Before starting the course of lipolytic mesotherapy before the introduction of the direct lipolytic Phosphatidylcholine, it is necessary to conduct capillary mesotherapy with Vitacomplex, which improves the filling and speed of blood flow in the microcirculatory bed, which allows you to remove puffiness, pasty tissue. Restoring venous outflow also improves the evacuation of metabolic products. Capillaromesotherapy is the improvement of microcirculation with the use of complex mesococtails that include revitalizing ingredients together with drugs of vascular action – venotonics and capillaroprotectors. Thanks to capillaromesotherapy, the lipolysis procedure will be much more effective. Stage 1. Vascular. The patient’s position is lying on his stomach. 1) Along the vertebral column, we carry out three lines of injections. We start from the large occipital opening and end with the lumbosacral joint. The first line runs between the spinous processes of the vertebrae. The second and third run parallel, to the right and left of the median. Distance between injections: 3-4 cm. Distance between lines of injections: 2-3 cm. depth of introduction-4 mm. Consumption for the procedure: 2-3 ml. 2) Along the inner side of the thigh and lower leg, up to the foot. We inject along the course of three lines parallel to each other. Distance between injection lines: 2-3 cm. depth of injection-4 mm. Flow rate for the procedure: 2-3 ml.

Stage 2. Correction of local fat deposits.

For a more effective result, it is necessary to alternate direct lipolytic with indirect: the Course consists of 4-6 procedures that alternate with each other at intervals of 1 time per week. 1 time a week – direct Phosphatidylcholine-up to 10 ml in one zone, the next week-indirect, 1 time 5-10 ml (Aminocmplex or Mesoslim).

We ask the patient to take a vertical position, as only in it the problem area is well visualized. Triple treatment with chlorhexidine. Delineate this area with a sterile marker and put down the intended places of administration of the drug. The distance between injections is 2 cm. Then the patient takes a horizontal position and we perform the procedure of injecting the drug according to the rules of administration of each mesococtail.

Phosphatidylcholine from MesoExpert: this is a direct lipolytic that includes 5% phosphatidylcholine and 2.5% sodium deoxycholate. Acts specifically on adipose tissue, destroying it and removing decay products. For the drug, there are certain rules of administration that must be followed. For 1 procedure for the first!!! we do not enter more than 1 bottle-5 ml. the depth of introduction-13 mm, strictly in adipose tissue. The amount of the drug per 1 injection is approximately 0.1-0.2 ml. After administration, we perform a light massage. We warn the patient about subsequent painful sensations in the area of administration for several days.

Aminocmplex is an indirect lipolytic that contains amino acids that together contribute to optimal fat burning and energy release. Due to the presence of L-carnitine in the composition, it is especially effective in people who are actively engaged in sports. Multipoint infiltration, 5-10 ml.

Mesoslim is an indirect lipolytic that includes mannitol, taurine, and buflomedil. It gives an excellent diuretic effect, inhibits phosphodiesterase. Indirect lipolytic for liposculpture of the face and body. Eliminates fat deposits in areas that are difficult to correct.

Stage 3. Post-injection care. After the procedure, a light massage of the treated area and triple treatment with chlorhexidine is performed. You should also apply a tool that reduces the post-traumatic effect: redness and swelling. During the entire course of correction of fat deposits, it is necessary to increase the drinking regime to 2 liters per day, exclude the use of fatty foods and alcohol, as well as combine injection procedures with hardware techniques or massages (for 3-4 days after injection).

After lipolytic mesotherapy, a course of lifting drugs is required – for skin compaction and lifting.

MesoExpert mesopreparations are produced in their own clean room, a class 7000 facility. In the laboratory, the staff works in an aseptic environment under laminar units. Meso preparations from Rofil…


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