How many poets have devoted their work to the theme of women's hands! They are caring, hard-working, skilled, warm, native… But each of us would like them to be young…

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A woman's hands are her business card. But, as a rule, it is the hands that most often betray her age and habits. Sometimes a beautiful manicure and well-groomed cuticle…

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Biorevitalization of lips with hyaluronic acid Age-related changes affect not only the skin on the face and body, but also the aging process on the lips. They lose their former…

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The company “European aesthetics of Ukraine” presents a Protocol for combining peels and biorevitalization for solving aesthetic problems.


Recently, combined methods (techniques) of anti-aging procedures are very common in modern cosmetologists to increase their effectiveness. They imply simultaneous exposure to several factors at once to obtain optimal results in solving aesthetic and age-related skin problems. We will talk about biorevitalization of the skin as the most effective, widespread, studied anti-aging procedure in combination with surface glycolic peeling. This combination is the most optimal and allows you to get a lasting therapeutic effect.

The metabolites of hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid stimulate the work of receptors on the surface of fibroblasts and increase glycosaminoglycans. Also, glycolic acid has the property of stimulating the synthesis of ha in the epidermis.

This combination allows you to normalize the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, remove hyperkeratosis, pigmentation, and reduce the depth of wrinkles. The right intensive Protocol of combining these techniques gives a stable anti-aging effect, as well as:

The process of tissue renewal is stimulated by a variety of effects-negative stimulation (peeling stimulates the environment for neocollagenesis ) and positive stimulation (hyaluronic acid creates an optimal physiological environment for neocollagenesis). Working in different layers of the skin, thereby enhancing its maximum response to the stimulus.

Peeling removes dead, mutated cells of the epidermis, reduces hyperkeratosis of the skin, stimulates the growth layers of the epidermis, which by means of signaling molecules “starts” the regeneration of not only the epidermis, but also the dermis. By qualitatively transforming the dermis, biorevitalization simultaneously improves the condition of the epidermis. It increases the moisture content, tone and elasticity of the dermis, changes the quality of the dermis and epidermis, and improves the overall health profile of the skin.
Drugs used:

LigteningPeel-Philoderm peeling (Netherlands) and biorvitalizanthyalaxrevitalizeskin (Germany)

25%glycolic acid
18 mg / ml hyaluronic acid
20 mg / ml of glycerol 1 ml
5% almond acid
4%kojic acid
1% xanthan gum pH 1.5
Stages of alternation:

1,2,4,5 week-LighteningPeel procedure-1 time in 7 days

Week 3 and 6-biorevitalizationhyalaxrevitalizeskin procedure.-1 times in 21 days(after biorevitalisation can already be carried out after 4-5 days)

Conducting LigteningPeel.

Stage 1-pre-training.

Before the procedure of applying a chemical peel directly, it is necessary to treat the skin with 70% spitrite in order to degrease it. The skin has a lipid mantle, which is designed to protect it from various harmful effects. In this case, this ability of the skin will only interfere with the full penetration of the acid solution into the deep layers of the epidermis and dermis. The criterion for stopping this stage is a matte skin color.

Stage 2 Applying the peeling solution

Directly on the skin treated with alcohol, a brush is applied to the LigteningPeel gel solution-2 ml on the 1st layer. This should be done with a uniform layer thickness over all areas to cover the entire skin as uniformly as possible. It is also necessary to observe the stages of applying the peeling. First, the lateral sides of the face are processed: the forehead, chin, and temples, and then we move to the medial zones: the cheeks and the nasolabial triangle.

The most delicate area – the eyelids, leave for the last stage of application. This sequence allows the acids to act as evenly as possible on the coarser parts of the face, as well as on the most delicate ones. The 2nd layer takes 1 ml of peeling, and the 3rd layer is applied only to the areas of pigmentation and wrinkles.Peeling is quite active, after 1 minute after applying the gel, you may experience a slight burning sensation and hypirimia of the skin.

Stage 4-neutralization. After 10 minutes, neutralize the peeling with a Post-Peel solution. A special buffer system instantly neutralizes the acid, stopping its action, making the peeling process controlled and safe.

Stage 5-post-peeling. To soothe the skin after the peeling procedure, we use a fabric mask from the German manufacturer of drugs for contouring plastihaessencemaskhyalax. The mask has a healing regenerating effect, tones and nourishes the skin with vitamins, promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and strengthens intercellular connections. We finish the procedure with a protective cream with SPF 50. In home care, a cream with an SPF Factor of at least 50 is mandatory.

Hyalaxrevitalizeskin (Germany) is a biorevitalizant that contains not only native GC, but also an additional agent glycerol, which has an additional powerful moisturizing factor due to the ability to bind water molecules.

Step-by-step instructions for the procedure:

Conduct make-up remover and triple treated skin with a chlorhexidine solution. If necessary, apply an anesthetic cream.

The revitalization procedure is performed with HyalaxRevitalizeSkin. Injecion micropipeline, leave the drug in the upper layer of the dermis. Injections are carried out according to the classical scheme, we pay special attention to the areas of wrinkles and pigmentation. We try not to make large papules, thanks to the stabilizing agent glycerol, large papules can last longer. Due to the effect of prolonged hydration, the next procedure should be performed no earlier than 3 weeks, in total, the course consists of 2-3 procedures.

We complete the procedure with the HAMoisturizingMaskHyalax mask, which includes high-and low-molecular hyaluronic acid, glycerin, betaine, alantoin, panthenol, sea whip extract, which moisturize and restore the skin, prolonging the actions of the biorevitalizant. The mask quickly rehabilitates the skin after injection procedures and thanks to the plant ingredients gives the effect of long-term relaxation.
Home care must include a day cream with an SPF factor of at least 50. It is also necessary to exclude insolation and thermal procedures (bath, sauna, Hammam). Thus, the procedure involving the combined use of chemical peeling and biorevitalizant is pathogenetically justified. The anti-aging effect of combining these two procedures is always brighter. We get a wonderful aesthetic result!

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A woman's hands are her business card. But, as a rule, it is the hands that most often betray her age and habits. Sometimes a beautiful manicure and well-groomed cuticle…